Creating a New Project

From the File menu, you can click New Project to create a project. The New Project dialog box lets you specify a project name and browse to the location to store the automatically generated project files.

The New Project dialog box includes the following fields:



Project name

The project name cannot be '.' or '..' and cannot contain the following characters: / ? : & \ = “ < > | # % *
The Project name cannot start with the $ character.


Click the Browse button to find the location where you want to create your new project directory.
The default location is [uniPaaS directory]\Projects\.
If the project directory already exists in the same location, an error message will appear in the status line: “The project directory already exists in the specified location”.
If the project location does not exist, you will be asked to confirm the creation of the location path.

Create a new project on the Version Control Database

uniPaaS lets you add a project to a Version Control database and use the Version Control advanced options. By selecting this check box, a new project with the same name will be created on the Version Control database.

Add as module in current project

When you already have an opened project, the Add as module in current project check box will also appear. If you select this option, your project will be added as a module to the current project.


When you create a new project, the uniPaaS Studio engine creates a new directory with the name of the project, in the location that you specify in the New Project dialog box. XML files are generated inside the folder representing the objects in your project, such as components, helps, menus, programs, and data sources.

The project files include:


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